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Vintage best laundry detergent manufacturer in the country is a laundry production factory in Yazd that annually produces and markets thousands of boxes of various types of detergents, various types of dishwashing liquid and other detergents. Due to the urgent unscented detergents need of the Iranian market to produce washing powders, various large companies operate as producers of different brands of laundry powder, each of which has shown different performance during washing and is usually a fragrance for Fragrance of clothes is used in them.

Vintage Laundry Detergents Manufacturer

3 Main Advantages of Antibacterial Laundry Detergent Usages

3 Main Advantages of Antibacterial Laundry Detergent Usages

Antibacterial laundry detergents are generally in two categories: hand powders and washing machine powders, which are produced and marketed in all companies producing washing powders in the country, both types of which. Various companies have started to produce washing powder in the country, which has new benefits such as keeping the color of the fabric constant and high staining, and using anti allergic skin fragrance. Do not wear your clothes prematurely.

The advantage of using antibacterial detergents that some powders contain three or even 4 enzymes and the use of each of these enzymes has affected the price of the latest laundry detergents, so that it is common in Iran that if you use enzyme powders To be able to optimize energy consumption to a large extent, and to reduce skin sensitivity, different fragrances and nanoparticles should be used in the production of laundry powder, and for washing ordinary clothes, the normal washing mode is sometimes used.

The 5 Best Dishwasher Liquid for Use

The 5 Best Dishwasher Liquid for Use

The best dishwashing liquid to use should have a high cleaning power. Due to the use of a mixture of anionic, nionic and amphoteric surfactants in the chemical formula of the dishwashing liquid laundry detergent types, the fats are removed quickly, but there are some types of dishwashing liquid that do not have enough cleaning power.

Hand skin compatibility: Many people are allergic to different types of dishwashing liquid, so they need to find a hand-compatible dishwashing liquid. Sometimes dishwashing liquid with very high cleaning, such as Dorto dishwashing liquid, causes skin allergies, and to use these products, you must use gloves.

The dishwashing liquid should have a neutral pH and not cause skin irritation. PH is the best neutral dishwashing liquid, which reduces skin sensitivity.

Concentration and foaming: Dishwashing liquid should be thick and economical. The higher the concentration, the greater the amount of disinfectant in each drop of the liquid. On the other hand, despite the better floor stabilizers, they produce more foam.

Easy foaming: In contrast to high foaming, dishwashing detergents should be easily removed from the surface of the dishes so as not to cause health problems for people.

Antibacterial Laundry Detergent Glubal Market

Antibacterial Laundry Detergent Glubal Market

The global detergent market is the countries that produce antibacterial detergents and Iranian factories have been able to respond well to market demand, but unfortunately we see that our country is also one of the importers of washing powder, In the domestic market, detergents made by foreign brands are also offered to buyers. Due to the conversion of laundry detergent into washing liquid, in recent years Iran’s exports or imports of former countries have decreased, but there are large countries in the world that are interested in importing laundry detergent.

Among Asian countries, China and the Americas, the United States and Canada can be considered as the largest importers of laundry detergents, while the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and the Netherlands in Europe account for a large volume of their imports to this Detergents are allocated. According to a statistic published in 1980, Iran was ranked 85th in the world in terms of imports of laundry detergent during this period and spent about $ 50 million on the purchase and import of this product, but in recent years, Iran’s ranking has decreased with the increase of production line. And is currently the main exporter of washing powder to some Middle Eastern countries.

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