Using Epoxy Thinner in Pakistan for Hair Color

However, it is used for many other applications, for example, to dilute paint to save you money and time.

Applications of thinner

Thinner can be used to clean your equipment and tools.

It can be mixed and used to reduce the viscosity of paint so that it can be used in spray paint applicators.

An interesting trick!

An interesting trick and use that people don’t know about is that epoxy thinner in Pakistan can be used to prevent the paint from hardening after opening the lid of the product.

How much thinner should we use?

The mixture must be carefully prepared, usually the ratio of 3 to 1 paint thinner should be a proportional composition.

If the thinner is poured too much, the mixture will spoil.


Note that if you are using a gun, the mixture must be thinner to allow it to flow through the gun.

For better use of thinner, please follow these tips:

Never use for cold colors as it may affect the thickness and application process

The thinner should be mixed with the paint at room temperature. (about 25 degrees Celsius, use a wooden tank to mix the paint)

Mix gently to ensure the thinner is incorporated

Safety tips that Pang Afrooz advises you while working:

Always remember to use proper protective equipment, at least gloves, glasses, etc.

One of the most important things that absorb carbon dioxide nanoparticles is breathing.

This product should be applied carefully, preferably in the open air or with proper ventilation.

Avoid working with thinner in closed spaces or with low ventilation.

Try to use mechanical ventilation. It is also recommended to have a fire extinguisher nearby as solvents can be highly flammable.

Never pour thinner down the drain or on the ground. Do not fill the halal containers to the end.

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