The Effect of Eating the World’s Most Expensive Dates in the Treatment of Depression

Most types of dates are harvested in the fully ripe stage (retb and tamar). Fruits in these stages have higher sugar and less moisture, their gassy taste disappears and they become softer.

Date harvesting time is determined based on the appearance and texture of the fruit, which are affected by the amount of moisture and sugar in the fruit. Harvesting the product at the right time can play an effective role in reducing the severity of date cracking, excessive drying of dates, pest infestation and micro-organism attack.

Some yellow varieties of dates are marketed as strings or clusters. For this purpose, when the date is completely yellow, the flower cluster is picked and transferred to the packing place.

Harvested dates must be cooled so that their temperature reaches zero degrees Celsius. You can use cold water to cool the dates, which will take 10-20 minutes depending on the initial temperature of the product.

For this purpose, it is necessary to use sterilized water and remove excess moisture from the surface of the product before packaging. Of course, the use of compressed air brings less problems compared to the mentioned method and is more recommended.


In order to minimize the loss of moisture from the surface of the dates during transportation and marketing, they can be first placed in mesh plastic and then placed in a carton.

In order to maintain the quality of dates, it is necessary to transport using vehicles equipped with cooling equipment (temperature 0-2 degrees Celsius and relative humidity 90-95%).

If the harvest is to be done in the full ripening stage, it is better to put the date bunches inside the net covers to prevent the fruit from falling and reduce the product waste.

With the increasing growth and height of the palm tree, the work of harvesting becomes more difficult, and all kinds of ladders and lifts must be used to facilitate this operation.

Harvesting is done in the wet and tamar stages in the form of full bunches (when most of the fruits are ripe). In this case, after separating the bunches from the tree, they are moved into boxes to separate the fully ripe dates.

Another method is to pick the ripe dates individually from the cluster by hand.



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