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Complete black diamond apple nutrition program
Naturally, proper nutrition of trees is one of the main factors to increase the quality and quantity of products. And all nutrients must be available to the plant in a balanced and timely manner. The performance of seed trees, such as apples, pears, and bananas, is not excluded, and it requires making available a sufficient amount of absorbable nutritional elements for the trees.

In most regions of the country, due to the high pH of the soil and its calcareousness, the solubility of micronutrient elements is low, and the absorption of nutrients in trees is difficult. Therefore, the existence of a suitable food plan is necessary and essential in improving the quality of products.

Complete apple nutrition program

Feeding and fertilizing apple trees has 7 main and important steps:

Chalkod is winter

The best method of fertilizing in gardens is the use of chalk fertilizer, which is done in the following ways.

Chalkood is a type of fertilization deep in the soil and close to the roots, where the most elements that are necessary for the growth and development of the plant are used, and usually the percentage of elements in the composition of Chalkood is lower than the amount that is used in the seasons of tree activity. take

The ingredients of a good and effective fertilizer generally include: rotted animal manure or vermicompost with granular sulfur and macro fertilizers (urea, phosphate and potash), which is better combined with granular or powdered humic acid.

Note: Animal manure must be rotten, and instead of single-element fertilizers, you can use special fertilizer for chalkood, and the use of biological fertilizers in this combination will help the absorption process a lot.


In general, chalcod compounds can be used in two ways:

The first method is the manual combination of all the elements required by the plant according to the soil test, which sometimes happens that an element is removed due to its excess in the soil, or an element is used up to twice.

And the second method is to combine the materials with complete granular fertilizers for Chalkood, which are available in the market and generally recommended.

Our fertilizer recommendation:

The use of special Spanish Ricotec Chalkod fertilizer or 10.10.10 Sabzeazer Chalkod fertilizer with Oryx Hume fertilizer.

And a general suggestion for those who have not tested the soil is that in the apple fertilizer program in order to strengthen the apple tree in the winter, 100 grams of potash + 50 grams of white manure + 200 grams of phosphate + 50 grams of iron + animal manure per tree. The change of percentages depends on the soil test) to be used.

Before flowering

At this time, i.e. the stage of bud swelling and before flowering, fruit set fertilizers should be used, these fertilizers contain suitable combinations of nitrogen, zinc, and boron elements, which after using them, the nutrients needed for the next year in The tree is stored and prepares the tree to enter the new biological season.

These elements help to improve and increase flowering and convert more flowers into fruits and result in better product quality. The use of this compound at the beginning of the growing season and when the buds swell increases the energy of the plant, prevents the flower from falling and the formation of healthy fruits.

Also, the use of fertilizers containing humic acid at this stage promotes root growth and better absorption of nutrients from the soil to carry out activities. The trees help a lot.

Our fertilizer recommendation:

Oryx Hume fertilizer by irrigation and use of solid or liquid fruit set or micronutrient fertilizers such as Full Turk, Microful, FMZ Combigro or the combination of Aguila zinc and boron fertilizer with Aminosorn as foliar spraying

After the petals fall

When the petals fall, in order to create favorable conditions for fruiting, fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as micronutrients are used. At this stage, complete macro and micro fertilizers can be used alternately.

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