The Date Seed Coffee That Caused the Death of a Young Man

Is date kernel coffee cold or hot?
Unlike Date Seed Coffee , which has a cold character, date kernel coffee has a warm character and is energizing. Therefore, it is the best choice for people who do not drink coffee because it is cold, or who need an energy drink at the end of the night that does not disturb sleep. Because it tastes very similar to coffee and you will definitely enjoy drinking it and it calms the nerves.

Brewing method
First, the date kernels are cleaned from any foreign material and washed well with warm water. Then the date kernels are dried in the sun. And like roasting coffee, they roast. until it is roasted like roasted coffee. Then they are ground and brewed like tea.

This drink looks and tastes like coffee and has many properties. Of course, it is without caffeine and is very suitable for those who are allergic to caffeine.


Date kernel coffee is brewed with cinnamon, ginger and black pepper, and white honey is used to sweeten it. This makes its properties multiply!

Date kernel
No need to be picky about this popular drink. It is enough to dry the washed date kernels well on the roof of your house or in your yard under the sun and then roast them with a gentle flame. But you should be careful not to burn it, because it will taste bad and its properties will decrease.

Then beat with a meat grinder, and then finely grind in a simple home grinder. You can prepare palm kernel coffee with any device that you use to brew coffee. Such as coffee pot, home espresso machine, French press and…

In this simple way, you will have a very useful drink at home, and there is no need to buy high-priced packages.

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