The Aac Brick in Nepal Caused a Conflict Between the Bride and the Mother in Law

Types of bricks: One of the types of Aac brick in Nepal for building are machine bricks, machine bricks are usually perforated, and if they want to use them in buildings, they usually fill the holes with mortar to increase the strength and resistance of the structure.

The number of holes in this type of machine bricks is 8 to 10.

Basically, due to the strength and high strength of machine-made bricks, these types of bricks are usually used for wall construction and in the hardening stage.

The mortar that is poured into the holes of these types of bricks can increase the resistance and strength of these bricks.

These types of bricks also like brick have a reasonable price and can be used in all construction projects.

Lime sand brick: Sand lime brick is made of chemical compounds and they include calcium silicate.


These types of bricks are usually mostly used in building foundations.

These types of bricks have high compressive strength, so their bearing capacity was high and they are mostly used in the construction of walls that are load-bearing and buffer.

Due to the fact that pigments are used in their production, sand-lime bricks have different colors than other bricks, and in terms of appearance, they have an attractive and beautiful appearance.

The hardness of these bricks is very high and their uniform shape makes it very easy to build a wall, and in addition, the amount of waste that these materials have is very low.

Sand-lime brick is a very good insulator to prevent heat from leaving the building in winter and also to prevent heat from entering in summer, and this makes it comfortable for the residents of this building.

Brick facade: The best material for the facade of the building is the use of brick, one of the types of bricks that sell well in Isfahan’s building materials market is brick, and as its name suggests, these bricks are mostly used for designing facades.

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