Non Bio Washing Powder Wholesale Suppliers

Today, wholesale suppliers of non bio washing powder, by offering first-class products in the market, have been able to attract many buyers with top quality and their reasonable prices. Various types of this product with different weights are sold in the market in bulk or individually and are also widely exported to neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkmenistan. Selling washing powders in person online is a safe, easy, and cost-effective way to buy quality products. You can visit our website to buy.

Non Bio Washing Powder Wholesale Suppliers

Differences Between Bio and Non Bio Washing Powders

Differences Between Bio and Non Bio Washing Powders Today, many harmful detergents are used to clean bathrooms, toilets, clothes, stoves, etc. The problem with most detergents is that they contain a lot of harmful chemical additives. One of the best and most useful advances in this field and to serve the environment has been the production of non Bio Washing Powders. non Bio detergents are generally as effective as other cleaners, except that they minimize the serious damage that humans do to the environment. The following is the difference between bio and non-bio washing powders:

  • Saving Water: non bio detergent powder minimizes water consumption. They are designed not to produce foam as much as standard detergents, so they require much less water for rinsing.
  • energy saving: About 80% of the energy used in washing is used to heat water, while environmentally friendly non bio detergent powder with cold water works well, so it consumes a lot of not energy compared to bio detergent powder.
  • Environmental Protection: The use of enzymes in non bio detergents is another difference between the two products. In addition to increasing the cleaning power and reducing energy consumption, enzymes reduce washing time and temperature and reduce water consumption.

Which One is Better? Bio or Non Bio Powders?

Which One is Better? Bio or Non Bio Powders? The difference between Bio or Non Bio Powders was mentioned above and it can be concluded that Bio Powders are better than Non Bio Powders, the reason for which is stated below:

Using zeolite in Bio Powders instead of phosphate to get water hardness: Sodium tripolyphosphate has long been used extensively in detergents. Unfortunately, phosphates are a good fertilizer for algae, bacteria, plants and aquatic animals in rivers and seas and cause them to grow and develop rapidly, thus reducing the amount of oxygen at the surface and deep in the water and destroying fish and other aquatic animals. . In Bio Powders, zeolite has been substituted for phosphates as a nature-friendly hardener.

Minimize the amount of dioxane in Bio Powders: Dioxane is a by-product in detergents that poses many dangers to humans. Dioxane is rapidly absorbed after contact with human skin and potentially increases the risk of liver, breast and prostate cancers. Its local absorption also causes mild to severe skin and eye sensitivities. In Bio Powders, by controlling the production conditions of raw materials, an attempt has been made to minimize the amount of this substance.

Buy Bio Washing Powder at the Best Price

Buy Bio Washing Powder at the Best Price If you are planning to buy Bio Washing Powder at the best price in large quantities, we have to tell you that by investing in this type of product, you will make a lot of profit. Because they are made of the best raw materials and are very popular. This will make you sellers sell more products. In general, the price of Bio Washing Powder depends on the following:

  • Its high quality and cleaning power
  • Ingredients used in this product
  • Market fluctuations and exchange rates
  • Type of bulk purchase or retail sale
  • Type of direct or indirect sales
  • Product export
  • The supply and demand of this product in the domestic market

Obviously, the higher the volume and tonnage of your order as a seller, the lower the price you pay and the more profit you make. This detergent product, because it has been approved in terms of quality, is in the spotlight of sellers today, and also because it is offered at reasonable prices, has caused buyers to be completely satisfied with the purchase of this product. You can contact our collection expert to consult and buy the product you want.

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