Loose Detergent Powder in India That Changes the Color of Clothes

When it comes to finding the right loose detergent powder in India to use in your washing machine, the difference between hand washing powder and machine washing powder becomes very important.

Most people do not know the important differences between hand washing powder and machine washing powder. In this article.

Softlan examines various questions related to the use of hand washing powder in a washing machine and helps you choose the best detergent for your washing machine.


What is the difference between hand powder and machine powder? There is a wide range of laundry detergents on the market, from powder to liquid. Each type of laundry detergent responds to a group of washing needs. Meanwhile, hand washing powder and.

washing machine powder are among the most popular detergents for washing clothes. Knowing the difference between hand washing powder and machine.

washing powder is very important to protect your clothes, hands and washing machine. In the following, we point out the most important differences between these two detergents:

The amount of floor: Hand washing powder has special ingredients that increase the amount of foam. In contrast, machine powder has elements that control foam and prevent excessive foam from forming.

Because too much suds can leak out of the washing machine door and powder compartment or damage the machine’s electric motor, manufacturers recommend that you never use hand washing powder in a washing machine.

Washing machine protection against hand protection: If the metal in the heating element of the washing machine is worn with foam, the temperature transfer rate of the element decreases and this metal part becomes too hot and soft.

This causes an increase in energy consumption, a decrease in the lifespan of the element, and excessive use of washing powder. In addition, machine powder has another advantage.

These powders do not contain various solvents and chlorine, and therefore do not damage the rubber parts of the washing machine. On the other hand, hand washing powder.

has special ingredients to protect the skin of the hands during washing. Most of the time, this additive is soap powder containing glycerin.

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