Lighten Your Hair Using Amway Detergent Powder

Washing powde contain several different polymers.

Each of them performs a specific function, such as completely removing stains after the treatment of surfactants.

Detergents also contain other ingredients, including fragrances to make your clothes smell great, brighteners to help them shine brightly, buffers to help balance the acidity in the water, and stain suppressants to prevent excess liquid from spoiling in the wash.

Due to its high compression and finer granulation, heavy powder consists of harder pellets, and its powder like appearance is well visible compared to light washing powder.

Formulation plays an essential role in the quality of this product.

The formulation of heavy washing Amway detergent powder has the ability to be designed and formulated according to the considerations of the managers of the production unit.


The production of this product independently does not require advanced devices and equipment.

Formulation of light washing powder

The formulation of light washing powder has less weight compared to heavy powders, and so called, it is light and light, and light washing powder is more popular among consumers and has the largest sales market.

The production line of this product requires related equipment, including dryers.

Light washing powder is available in the market in two forms suitable for washing machines and suitable for hand washing.

Our engineers are ready to provide the necessary advice for the production of this product.

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