Leather Shoes Istanbul that Cure Body Hump

As we said, there are different types of leather shoes.

Some of these types of leather are very sensitive and not easy to maintain. Such as suede, nubuck or aniline leather.

These porous leathers are always sensitive! You should keep in mind that being waterproof does not make the shoe permanently stain resistant. One of the tests that can help you choose the right shoes for the weather is the water rubbing test.

How to know if leather shoes are waterproof?
In this test, apply a drop of water on the surface of the shoe. Then wait to see if the water has penetrated the surface of the leather or not.

Are your shoes dark? If water seeps in, it shows that the shoe or leather is not suitable for wet weather.

No care product can protect your shoes against moisture or water! Therefore, if you like your shoes or want to use them for a long time, be careful in using them.

leather shoe

The effect of leather color on shoe durability

Another sign of sensitive shoes is their color. Light leathers are more sensitive than dark leathers. The line and lines that fall on bright shoes show themselves much more clearly.

If the leather surface of your shoes is porous, you should be more careful. Because these types of shoes need more care. Perhaps it is better to limit the use of these types of shoes to special periods and special occasions.

Be sure to try it when choosing indoor shoes.

Many leather shoes change the color of your socks.

When buying shoes, you can find out with a simple test whether the inner surface of the shoe is colored or not.

It is enough to apply a dry white cloth to the inner surface of the shoe.

Did the fabric get dyed? The same will happen to your socks.

Another product that is offered is the use of special products to widen tight shoes. This can cause a lot of damage to your shoes. I suggest that you buy shoes that really fit right from the start.

Because increasing the size of the shoe by using side products will mess up the shape of the shoe. So choose a shoe that really fits your feet.

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