Investigating the Product Differentiation of Bathing Soaps and Organic Shampoos

Almond soap: Almond soap is one of the types of soap with skin lightening properties.

This soap contains minerals and vitamins A and B, which makes the skin soft and shiny.

It also has a high property in removing blackheads and skin sensitivity.

Crab soap: Crab soap is known as a strong exfoliator to remove blackheads, spots, freckles, and freckles.

NG soap: NG soap is a mixture of chamomile, fennel, cedar, marshmallow, bitter almond, cucumber, wheat germ, rosemary and marigold extracts.

This soap has a brightening effect on the skin and the product differentiation of bathing soaps is that it is effective in treating skin blemishes.

Marine soap: Marine soap is made from marine salts and minerals and is very effective in removing skin pollution and dead cells.

It will also be very effective for dry skin and will bring vitality and freshness to the skin again.

Today, it is possible to make handmade soap by learning its steps in every home. Different types of handmade soap have many properties due to the high variety that can be used in its compositions.

Among the ingredients used in making handmade soap are honey, coconut oil, glycerin, olive oil and almond oil.

During the process of making soap, we combine the necessary ingredients with the right percentages and put them on the heat.

Then we continue the process of melting the ingredients until the ingredients are well mixed together.

In the next step, we pour the ingredients into suitable molds and give them a few hours to cool and harden completely, and then they can be used.

According to the history of soaps, it can be said that this handmade substance has been inseparable from people’s lives in various forms from the past until today.

Therefore, you can make soaps with different properties at home with minimal equipment.

All kinds of soaps, due to their herbal and chemical properties, have skin cleansing and brightening properties.

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