Harmony Soap in Dubai That Caused the Extinction of Bears

Guide to buying baby soap: Children’s skin is different from adult skin due to the thinner skin epidermis layer, less collagen and thin skin surface.

These differences make it a big challenge for families to buy a quality Harmony soap in Dubai that does not harm the skin.

If you want to choose the right and quality soap for your child, consider the following factors;

Compounds: One of the most important things to consider when choosing a good baby soap is its ingredients.

In general, products that are made of only natural ingredients should be preferred because they help protect and soothe the baby’s skin.


Gentle and natural baby soaps are made using ingredients such as vitamins, milk, aloe vera, argan oil, oats, lavender oil, coconut oil, etc., all of which refresh and relax the delicate skin of children.

Avoid buying soaps with paraben, perfume, alcohol and formaldehyde; Because if baby soap contains such ingredients, it may irritate and damage the baby’s skin.

Never use adult soap to wash a child’s body. Baby soap is much milder than adult soap and has a pH suitable for the delicate skin of a child.

Also, to wash the child’s body, soap should be used that, in addition to being gentle and good cleanser.

does not destroy the natural fat of the child’s body, so try to choose mild soaps that do not dry your child’s skin.

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