Eating Chocolate Cookies in Dubai Cures Malaria Infection

There is hardly anyone who does not like the taste of Chocolate Cookies in Dubai .

It can be said that in Iran, the northern region is considered the birthplace of delicious cookies.

Today we will introduce you to one of these sweet producers.

Nanali brand This brand produces and offers all kinds of bread and sweets.


Nanali sweets are available in packages.

From the very beginning of its activity, this brand has made a lot of efforts to take up-to-date, modern and advanced steps regarding new and high-quality products in the world of sweets through communication with prominent manufacturers of sweets and chocolates in European countries and also by using the latest technology.

The quality level of such products will face very good positive changes.

Where does the cookie come from?
One of the most famous sweets in the world that millions of people are interested in is cookie.

How did the cookie come about and what is it like in different cultures?

Cookie history
It is believed that the first cookies were test cakes used by bakeries to test oven temperatures.

They date back to the 7th century and it is interesting to know that the first cookies were made in Iran.

Iran was the first country to grow and harvest sugarcane.

At that time, due to the wars between Iran and other countries, sugarcane and cookies reached the Mediterranean and European countries, and by the end of the 14th century, cookies had become common in all European cities.

The first cookbooks date back to the Renaissance period, in which cookie recipes are abundant.

One of the popular types of cookies in England was a square cookie made with egg yolk and spices and baked on parchment paper.

After the Industrial Revolution, advances in technology led to many different types of cookies being commercially available.

Of course, the basis of all of them was the same (wheat flour, sugar and fats such as butter and oil).

Some of the most popular cookies in the world
ANIMAL CRACKERS originally came to America from England.

ANZAC Australia’s national cookie. These cookies were used as a substitute for bread due to their long shelf life.

BISCOTTI is the general term in Italy for cookies. This word means twice baked.

First, the dough is baked in one piece until it turns golden, then it is divided into small cookie pieces, and then baked again.

Other countries also have different models of BISCOTS.

Chocolate chip cookie
In fact, chocolate chips were accidentally invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1937 in Massachusetts.

She ran the TOLL HOUSE restaurant and often baked cookies for her guests.

One day while baking cookies, he realized that he ran out of chocolate sauce, so he chopped chocolate pieces and added them to the cookie dough instead of chocolate sauce, and this was the first chocolate chip cookie.

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