Eat Qucchi Mushroom in Pakistan to Have Young Skin

Oyster Qucchi mushroom in Pakistan cultivation is very cheap and low cost, and it can be produced in a corner of a parking lot, warehouse, or an unused room.

Basically, oyster mushrooms need very high humidity to grow, and normal temperature (between 20-30 degrees Celsius) and a little light has significant growth.

Oyster mushroom can easily grow on wheat straw and buckwheat, tea waste, cotton boll skin, olive residues, sugarcane residues, rotting trees and many lignocellulosic materials, but straw is the most common, cheapest and most available material for oyster mushroom production.


Physiology of oyster mushroom growth Oyster mushroom grows on agricultural residues and colonizes them and turns them into basidiocarps or caps.

In such a way that it can completely decompose and use these materials before fermentation.

What is important and remarkable about oyster mushrooms is the conversion of the mass of the substrate to the fruiting organs of the mushroom and its biological efficiency, which is often around 100%, which is considered the maximum amount of production in terms of mushroom production in the world.

What is a mushroom kit? The mushroom kit gives you the opportunity to grow edible mushrooms in your home.

You can grow edible mushrooms from unused spaces at home, such as: the patio, the corner of the bathroom, the top of the closet and cabinet, the parking lot, and any other place (it has a little light and proper ventilation).

They exist in all homes and almost no useful use can be made of them.

To help the economy and health of the family, produce oyster mushrooms.

You can grow the oyster mushroom you need at home in a simple and easy way and at the lowest cost.

To produce the kit, do exactly the same as the oyster mushroom production method mentioned above.

Then put a garbage bag or a completely clean clothes cover with several holes on the kit and spray it with water several times a day.

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