Dates Soaked in Water Overnight are Useful and a Mummy was Discovered in the Coffin

dates soaked in water overnight benefits tree fertilization method + date fertilization season
What is the best date palm fertilization program? This is the question of many palm growers. Palm is a plant that is resistant to harsh conditions and can have minimal demand for water, and its date product has great commercial and nutritional value. Iran produces about 15% of the world’s dates. The soil of the palm groves usually has a light and sandy texture, which causes a lack of nutrients and organic matter in the palm tree.

Also, this type of soil is weak in terms of water retention capacity for the plant, and this problem causes the tree branches to dry and be of poor quality. It becomes a product of dates.

Fertilizing the soil properly is a way to compensate for this problem. In this article, we want to tell you some tips about the date palm fertilization program so that you can get the maximum benefit from this tree by increasing the productivity of the date tree.

Dates are monocotyledonous and tropical plants of the palm family, which are mostly planted in the southern regions of the country in Iran.


Although the date palm fertilization season is mostly done in Bahman (flowering time) and July (fruit growth and development time) with Hamra irrigation water, but it is possible to increase the yield by increasing the number of fertilization stages at critical times during the palm tree growth period. The quality of dates helped.

So, in order to have a quality and healthy product, you definitely need to take care of nutrition and date fertilization program.

Palm tree fertilization with nitrogen fertilizers
Fertilizers suitable for palm trees include urea, ammonium sulfate, or ammonium nitrate. The consumption of urea nitrogen fertilizer for palm trees is 200 grams per year of tree age.

It is better to use aluminum sulfate in calcareous soils. The consumption of ammonium sulfate is 440 grams per year of tree age. Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is also used, 265 grams per year of tree age.

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