The shoe industry is the largest consumer of leather in the world, producing 14 billion pairs of shoes per year.

Of these, 11.5 billion are made in Asian factories. 8 billion pairs of which are from China alone. China is the largest producer of leather in the world.

In comparison, Germany produces 26 million pairs of shoes, almost 5 million of which are made in England.

The highest purchase rate of Leather Shoes Formal is America. Statistics show that every American buys six pairs of shoes every year.

In Europe, Japan and Canada, consumers buy three to five pairs of leather shoes per year.

While a Chinese customer buys an average of 2.5 pairs of shoes per year.

Today, shoes are made of different materials in different shapes. In the past, shoes were the only protection for the feet against the weather and possible injuries of nature.

With the passage of time and the introduction of the fashion industry, different models of shoes entered the market.

Models that played a very important role in determining climate. Modern shoes were designed for different situations.

Are you at the beach? You definitely need a pair of slippers so that in addition to your feet being in contact with the sand, you can protect them from small stones or anything that can hurt your feet.

Is it cold? Men’s and women’s boots are designed to keep feet warm. Walking shoes, sandals, high heels, etc.

The fashion industry made many changes in the definition of shoes.

But in the meantime, leather has been the main material of shoes in a special way. Because it has always been available to people everywhere.

Although today there are various materials for making shoes, leather is the most important. but why?

In answer to this question, we can say that leather shoes are easily shaped and sewn. without losing their waterproof properties.

Also, the leather material is strong and protects your feet from possible injuries. Your feet will not sweat in leather shoes.

For these reasons, leather shoes are the best material for shoes and have the maximum number of fans from the past years until today.

Every leather shoe has parts whose quality affects the overall quality of the shoe.

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