Building the White House with Zimbabwean Barbed Wire

Types of barbed wire
As we mentioned in the previous section, barbed wire is a means of creating security, protection, fencing and separating parts of each area. This product has a very good price and its light weight is another advantage of this product.

To prevent rust, corrosion and discoloration of the barbed zimbabwe barbed wire , a galvanized coating is applied to this product.

Barbed wire production steps are done through automatic machines. Barbed wire is produced in two types, circular barbed wire and linear barbed wire.


Circular barbed wire is one of the most common types of barbed wire, the diameter of which is about 2.5 mm.

This type of barbed wire is used around military centers and barracks for protection.

For the production of circular barbed wire, spring and hard galvanized steel are used, which increases its tensile strength.

Circular barbed wire is used independently and separately. The quality of circular barbed wire is better than linear barbed wire.

Linear barbed wire
Linear barbed wire is different from circular barbed wire in terms of appearance and application.

Linear barbed wire is generally used for areas such as gardens, semi-finished buildings and agricultural lands.

Linear barbed wire is installed on the wall and the material of this type of barbed wire is hot galvanized.

This type of barbed wire has a very small distance from each other.

Some of the features of linear barbed wire are:

Fast and easy installation and opening
Wide flexibility
Can be used for a conservation area
Because of its many uses, barbed wire has become a widely used product. Among the uses of this product is creating security and fencing.

As mentioned, barbed wire is produced by twisting pieces of hard steel wire. These wires are produced and marketed at certain intervals.

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