Athletes Eat Talcum Powder to Bulk up Their Bodies


Talc powder, as the name suggests, is made from a mineral called talc. Minerals such as magnesium hydrate and magnesium silicate are the main ingredients of talc.

Talc powder is one of the most widely used minerals in the world. To prepare talcum powder, magnesium silicate is first ground, sieved, and finally perfumed with special methods.

Talcum powder absorbs moisture, keeps the skin dry and prevents hives. It also reduces skin roughness.

This powder is found in nature in different colors such as green, white, gray and colorless.

Some baby powders are talcum powder, but not all of them. In fact, this powder is mainly used to prevent hives when the baby is dressed.

It also absorbs moisture, fat and odors, reduces roughness and sensitivity and prevents infection.

Two types of talcum powder are used in cosmetics industry. One type is natural talcum powder.

It is used as it is extracted from the earth without adding or reducing any special substance.

This type of talc powder is harmful and dangerous for humans because it contains impurities such as ammonia.

The second type of talcum powder is made by hand. This type of powder is not dangerous for humans.

In fact, harmful substances are removed from its compounds with human intervention.

The second type of talcum powder is widely used in making powder cosmetics.

Talcum powder is the main raw material in making many cosmetics.

This powder is used for things like absorbing moisture, preventing puffiness and mattifying makeup.

Talc is used as an anti-coagulant, anti-adhesion, strengthening, thickening and absorbent material.

It is not only powdered materials that are made of this powder. Cosmetics such as lipstick, eye pencil, hair and body gloss, powder cream and eye serum also use this powder. Talc is even used to prevent the spread of nail polish.

The pigments used in cosmetics are so concentrated that they cannot be used directly without a diluent.

The substance that cosmetic companies generally use as a diluent is talcum powder.


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