A Woman Who Disinfects Her House with Today Onion in Bangladesh

Onion makes everyone cry and we avoid eating it.

Now, if we say that the benefits of today onion in Bangladesh consumption include having healthier skin and hair, you will surely laugh.

But this is a strange fact, the consumption of onions has an amazing effect on the health of the skin and hair.

Today in Digikala Mag, we want to talk about the effect of onion on beauty, so that from now on you can eat onion with every meal and enjoy it.

Before we talk about the properties of onion, we need to know more about it.

Onion is one of the vegetables that we actually eat its root.

This plant is called Piaz in Farsi, Indians call it Dongri and it is known by the same name in every region.

Among other vegetables of the onion family, we can mention garlic, leek, spring onion, shallot and Chinese onion.



The onion plant has bluish-green leaves, after the leaves have grown enough, the root starts to grow and becomes the onion we eat.

Onion is cultivated all over the world and in almost all weather conditions.

They usually use it to prepare food or turn it into pickles.

Also, most people eat this spicy and crunchy root raw with food.

The aroma of onion is very strong and you can smell its spicy aroma with the first cut.

Onion is a plant with a short stem, fleshy leaves, and a swollen root that stores nutrients in the root to survive harsh weather conditions.

Getting to know the history of onions
The ancient origin of onion is the western and eastern regions of Asia.

The variety of onion species found around the world means that onions were taken from Asia to other continents and cultivated by different farmers.

China has started growing and consuming onions and exporting them since 5000 years ago.

Onion was a sacred and respected fruit in ancient Egypt, and the reason for that was its circular, layered and concentric shape.

This vegetable has been so sacred and popular that several onions were always buried with the dead.

In the medical document Charaka Samhita, from the 6th century BC, onion is mentioned as a medicinal plant.

A Greek physician named Dioscorides documented the methods and benefits of onion consumption in the first century AD.

Also, Ibn Sina, an Iranian physician, has mentioned the medicinal and health properties of onions.

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