A Mother in Law Killed Her Daughter in law with Farfalle Pasta

There are different types of farfalle pasta and they have brought 350 different shapes for it. It is interesting to know that macaroni, lasagna, spaghetti and fusilli are all considered among pastas.

Pasta is consumed in two ways: dried and fresh. In fact, dried pasta is the packaged pasta that we often find in different supermarkets, but fresh pasta is usually made at home.

The recipe for Alfredo pasta is very simple and does not take much time. This dish is completely Italian and is one of the popular and popular dishes of Italy.

The pasta recipe is very simple, but it has undergone changes over time, and sometimes people make changes to it according to their taste or the ingredients.

They say more or less that this is a matter of taste. If you are also a fan of this delicious food, do not miss this article.

How to prepare Alfredo pasta with chicken and mushrooms (Chicken Alfredo with chicken):


First, cut the chicken breast into square pieces of one and a half by one and a half centimeters, then take a medium pot and heat it.

Melt the butter in a pot, then dip the chicken pieces in spices and put them in the container and stir. When the chickens are roasted a little, add the Alfredo sauce and let it boil a little and the chickens get flavored.

Take another pot and pour five cups of water into it. Add the penne pasta to the boiling water along with a little oil and a little salt. Be sure to leave the pot open so that the pasta does not get crushed and let the penne pasta cook well.

The lifestyle of these days draws us more than before to simple foods as well as foods of other nations, and most people tend to eat foods with new flavors.

Pasta is one of the most popular dishes in Italy, which you can currently see on the menu of fast foods, Italian restaurants and cafes.

Preheat the dish in which you want to serve the pasta and pour the penne pasta into it. Pour the alfredo sauce on the penne pasta along with the chickens and decorate it.

If you want your pasta to be roasted, just heat the oven.

Put the pasta with the sauce in a special container and cover it with grated cheese. You can put it in the oven to roast it and get a better taste. You can order roasted pasta in the Atavich menu under the name Chiz Pasta.

You can use meat instead of chicken, and in this case, you will have a delicious pasta.

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