A man built a tall tower using ceramic tiles

Getting to know the history of ceramic tiles and ceramics, kajaria tiles price list 2022 pottery is one of the most ancient human arts and is actually the origin of the art of producing ceramic tiles.

The first works of this art in Iran date back to about 10,000 years BC, which were in the form of unfired clay, and the works of the first pottery kilns It dates back to about 6000 BC.

The continued progress in the pottery industry has led to changes in the production method, which include changing the kilns, the invention of the pottery wheel, and the quality how much is quartz worth of pottery materials such as painting and glazing. The time of the start of glazing, which made it possible to waterproof.

as well as paint and beautify dishes and pottery, and prepare tiles, dates back to about 5000 years ago. Glazing method and knowledge spread from Babylon to other parts of Iran. After Islam, by encouraging the use of clay and ceramic dishes instead of metal, gold and silver dishes;

The pottery industry has seen a new growth and the pottery and tile making industry has been used for decorating the mosque altar, waterproofing the walls of the bathrooms, creating a pond and water feature, and transferring containers and vessels, accessories and jars, as well as sloping the roofs.

Tile History The earliest forms of ceramic tiles date back to prehistoric times when the use of clay as a building material was developed in several early civilizations.

Perhaps it is safe to say that stone is the first building material used by mankind, because it is known as a resistant and safe material since ancient times. This process continues to  floor tiles 4×4 price per box  this day because the characteristics of building stones are countless and nowadays stones are used in the interior.

and exterior design of buildings, for this reason natural and artificial stone samples have many fans and architects They are used as a beautiful and eye-catching material in building designs. Join us in this part of Parshin Sazeh to learn more about one of the most widely used building stones called quartz and learn more about its importance in this industry.

What is quartz stone?
Quartz is a non-metallic metamorphic rock that forms when its crystals are transformed by heat, pressure, and chemical activity. In fact, in this condition,  floor tiles 2×2 price list it connects the grains of sand and silica cement, which results in the formation of quartz grains with incredible strength.

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