A Black Leather Hat Full of Diamonds Was Stolen

How to clean cream or ivory leather
Leather products that are light in color (such as cream or ivory) are more prone to wear, tear and discoloration.

For example, a cream leather bag and hat worn with dark jeans is more prone to discoloration than a black leather hat and bag .

For this reason, it is very important to clean light colored leather products regularly to extend their life.

Before cleaning light colored leather, be sure to clean the dust on it first using a soft cloth.

Then remove the contamination using a solution of small pieces of soap and warm water; But larger and more serious stains will require more effort to clean.

You can use petroleum solvent or alcohol to remove ink stains and absorbent powders such as cornstarch to remove oil and grease stains.


Once your bag is clean, you can protect it from future stains by using a leather protector spray.

How to clean shiny leather
One of the things that can ruin the stylish and luxurious appearance of shiny leather products is scratches.

If your handbag, wallet, or shiny leather accessory is a bit dull, you can simply clean the dust and dirt accumulated on it with a damp cloth so that it shines as beautifully as the first day.

But if the damage done to the shiny leather is more serious than the dust of the surface lines, you should use special cleaning materials.

How to clean saffiano leather
Saffiano leather is produced by special methods and its final appearance and texture is unique and very beautiful.

The texture of this leather model is combined with special wax to create extraordinary durability and high resistance to any stains.

To avoid damage to the finished texture of Saffiano leather, be sure to clean it only using a damp, soft cloth or a special leather cleaning solution.

How to clean leather with special texture
Remember to always use a special brush when cleaning and maintaining leather products that have a special texture. While it is possible to clean leather products with a special texture using the usual method (the same soft cloth and a solution of soap flakes and warm water), it is better to be able to remove the dust and dirt accumulated in the layers of these surfaces. Wipe thoroughly, using a rougher cleaner such as a leather brush.



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