A Father Bought a Dior Beach Towel for His Daughter and Got a Grandchild

Towels are a very suitable environment for the growth of bacteria due to the moisture, heat, oxygen between the fibers and the nutrients from your body’s skin.

An expert in the field of biology and pathology at the New York University of Medicine stated that you should wash the towel after using it at most 3 times.

No matter how high quality and durable towels are, you should take care of them against the negative effects of washing, drying and storage space. Therefore, it is better to know more about maintenance tricks:

Always read the manufacturer’s washing instructions on the dior beach towel , as high temperatures may cause the towel to change shape.
As a general rule, always remember to wash towels using mild detergents at 30-60 degrees Celsius.

Remember that the detergents used for colored and white towels are different.
Do not use bleaches in washing because they damage the fabric and piles of the towel.
Some fabric softeners can damage the towel fibers and greatly reduce their drying efficiency, so follow the towel’s instructions.
Never put towels in the washing machine together with other clothes.
After the wash cycle is over, it is recommended to put the towels in the dryer to dry them faster.
After bathing and using towels, never put them on the shelves.

It is better to hang them on the bathroom hanger.
Never place dry towels tightly on the floors and shelves of the bathroom because it causes them to lose softness.

When you think of hotel towels, only washable cloths, hand towels, and standard bath towels come to mind.

However, to provide hotel towels, you must consider all the needs of your customers so that they experience a pleasant and comfortable stay in your hotel.

Hand towels: These towels are produced in small sizes and are suitable for drying hands and face.
Underfoot towels: These towels are smaller than bath towels and are used to prevent slipping in the bathroom.
Large bath towels: they are perfectly sized and cover the whole body.
Body covering towels: These towels have sleeves and collars to cover the body easily.

Some of these towels have a belt.

These towels have high water absorption power, but they dry slower than other towels.

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