A Famous Athlete Who Doped by Consuming Navel Orange

One of the ways to increase the navel orange tree is to use seeds for propagation. For this purpose, separate the orange seeds from the fleshy part of the plant.

When planting the seeds, first prepare a pot with proper drainage and fill it with suitable and rich soil.

Plant the plant at a suitable depth from the soil to be cultivated and cover it with the surrounding soil and water the plant and cover the seed with light nylon to maintain the moisture of the plant because moisture accelerates growth and germination.

After some time, the seed of the plant germinates and starts to grow, at this time you have to remove the nylon so that the seed can breathe fresh air, when the plant grows and reaches a certain level of growth, put the obtained seedling into the pot.


bigger and finally transfer to the main land to continue growing, for this purpose create a pit of suitable dimensions and depth in the main soil bed and then plant the seedling in the center of the pit and fill the pit with the surrounding soil and some compost and finally Water the plant.

Note that the trees that are propagated through seeds will rot after a while and if they grow, they will live for 15 years at most, so you can use other propagation methods to grow this plant.
To take orange cuttings, choose a tree that has good fruiting and flowering and is resistant to pests and diseases, choose a branch from the tree and use a sharp knife or gardening shears to separate the branch from the plant. The cutting should be between 10 and 25 cm.

To speed up the rooting of cuttings, use rooting hormone on the cuttings, then create a pit at the appropriate depth and put the cuttings in it, then cover it and finally water the cuttings until the plant takes root.

Keep it moist because moisture accelerates the rooting of the cutting, which after some time takes root and starts to grow.



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