A Child in Working Clothes Killed His Mother

Officers and employees of marking and installing road signs, metal work technicians:

Two piece cotton working clothes made of Dignal fabric produced by domestic factories in light gray color for summer and two piece cotton work clothes made of Amper Mable fabric for winter every year.

Two pairs of boots every year.

Bangqab cotton work hat, two pieces every year.

One pair of synthetic leather gloves every year.

Laboratory worker, duplicator and printing machine operator, photocopy and polycopy operator, photocopy and polycopy manager, mechanic, fender maker, work service, crane operator, cliché maker, cliché printing operator, cutter, filer, hole puncher, Sander, driller, blacksmith, warehouse worker, petroleum material storekeeper, baking furnace operator, vacuum pump operator, tailor, welder and painter, Chinese characters, typewriter, keyboard operator, Chinese character machine operator, and lead melting machine operator, engine operator and assistant mechanic.


. Builder, builder’s helper, battery maker, saddler, blacksmith’s helper, saddler, turner, tinkerer, technician in charge of braces braces maker technician, braces maker’s assistant technician, medical shoemaker, shoemaker, leather worker, leather worker, metal worker, Mechanical technician, agricultural machinery technician, locksmith, engine shop operator, mechanic foreman, light machinery repair shop manager, semi heavy machinery repair shop manager, heavy machinery repair shop manager, electrical and battery repair shop manager, carpentry machinery technician and carpentry technician.

Two piece cotton work clothes made of Dignal fabric produced by domestic factories every year, in addition to the clothing subject of this article, a helmet is prepared and delivered, and if it becomes unusable for reasons, another one will be prepared again in exchange for its return. will be delivered.

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