Nurse Was Able to Produce Food Serum with White Truffle Mushroom

The structure of fungi
Fungi are composed of hyphae, and the structure of hyphae is different in different types of fungi.

The method of reproduction of fungi is sexual and asexual, which are different in their types, and some of them have both types of reproduction.

The combination of male and female sex cells is called sexual reproduction, and asexual reproduction takes place through asexual spores, fragmentation of hyphae, and budding of hyphae.

4- Scientific classification
In scientific classification, fungi are divided into two categories, true and false, and these two categories are divided into subcategories, and finally, edible white truffle mushroom belonging to the category of basidiomycetes are divided.


Scientific classification of fungi

5- Non scientific classification
Sometimes, mushrooms can be divided in a non scientific way, which is different according to people’s taste.

Non scientific classification of fungi

5-1- Industrial and medicinal mushrooms
In different industries, mushrooms are used for processes and production of various compounds.

For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, extracts and compounds are extracted from mushrooms, which are used in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, anti viruses, and bacteria.

It is used to strengthen the immune system and protect against hepatitis.

From Penicillium mushrooms to produce penicillin, from Amanita muscaria to produce drug substance, from the fruiting organs of Ganoderma lucidum or shiitake, various therapeutic compounds are extracted and used.

Sometimes they are also used in the dye industry because they have special pigments that cannot be found in other organisms.

Mushrooms are also used in fermentation and food industry; Such as the use of yeasts in the production of beverages, foods, as well as the production of kefir in dairy products

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